Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blog Overview

I've felt for quite some time that people have a responsibility to share their skills if someone else would like to know, experience, or improve that skill. Especially in the area of crafts...there seem to be fewer and fewer people who can do the textile crafts listed below. Therefore, this blog is created so I can help people with their questions about textile arts and, my other love, technology. Although this is only a partial list, I am happy to share what I know and to help others on the crafts and skills listed below. If your question is beyond my skill level, or if the textile or technology subject is not listed below, I can certainly try to find the answer for you!
Mail Merge
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Web Page Creation & Management


Grendel said...

How interesting! I have tried crochet and embroidery, but I want to start quilting so I might be calling upon your expertise in that area!! Thanks for sharing.

Book Nook Girl said...

My grandmother taught me to sew when I was little and over the years I have watched the demise of fabric stores and sewing in general! I am glad to know there are people out there still practicing the art! Now I know where to come when I have questions!