Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thing #12 - Commenting

#9 on the "Ten Commandments of Blogging" is a good one. I would much rather read comments with some humor than "just the facts, Ma'am". Although I got some good pointers reading about the Ten Commandments, I didn't care for the comments left on that site when I was there! They were repetitive and just the thing it says not to do: "Yeah, me, too!", etc.!

The other site I got a lot from was the first suggestion on the CoolCat Teacher Blog: "Write a meaningful comment." Unfortunately, I often don't have time to give a great deal of thought to a meaningful comment spiced with wit and I generally leave without saying anything.


Sue said...

No humorous comment here, just a boring but heartfelt "me too". Perhaps as we become experienced bloggers, the wit and wisdom will just charge from our brains down through our fingertips. In the meantime, there's always emoticons - if I could just figure out how to get them into my messages!

Scylla said...

Thanks "sue" I said in my recent comment for Thing #14, I was able to add my avatar to my profile in Technorati. I had written to AT&T asking how to add my avatar to my Yahoo email signature and they explained that these images have to be in HTML format. Maybe that's why you can't get the emoticons into the messages? I had to do some serious manipulating to get it to show up!

UltimateTeacher said...

Blah Blah Blah.....I guess at some point or another we all feel like that. I just wanted to know that I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good posts. And sometimes the hardest posts are the funny ones. You actually need to think and be creative....yuck, who wants that?